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Bork Multiboard | for flipper zero

Bork Multiboard | for flipper zero

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Multiboard for the Flipper Zero

This Multiboard combines some of the most used boards and features used with the flipper zero. Load any firmware you want onto the esp32 and communicate with it over serial! use the 2.4 GHz band on the NRF24 to communicate with devices! Use the dip switch to select which of the modules you want to use.

The difference between the ESP32 S2 and S3:

The ESP32 S3 is newer and quite a bit more powerful, but there aren’t many pre-compiled firmware binaries for it yet. So it might be hard to come by firmware for it, or you have to write it yourself. There is a lot of firmware that is already compatible with the ESP32 S2 like ESP32Marauder and ESP32-Wi-Fi-Penetration-Tool, but it’s less powerful than the newer S3.

The difference between the NRF24 module with internal or external antenna:

The “external antenna” option is the NRF24 module with an external antenna. As seen in the picture, it comes with the antenna included. The external antenna provides quite a bigger range than the internal one, but it’s a bit bigger. The one with the internal antenna has a smaller range but is a lot smaller.


  • use applications on the Flipper Zero to control the modules on the multiboard.
  • use Marauder or any other firmware on the esp32 to do Wi-Fi reconnaissance (most firmwares don’t support the ESP32 S3 yet!!)
  • use the Sentry safe pins to open certain brands of safes with just two wires.
  • choose which one of the two (ESP or NRF) you want to use with the dip switch.
  • programmable with a standard TTL serial programmer.

what this board contains:

  • NRF24 (with decoupling capacitors)
  • ESP32 (with necessary components)
  • Sentry safe pins
  • Programming pins
  • Power LED
  • SD card reader

board comes un-flashed!

Documentation can be found here

This device is for educational and experimental purposes only and is not meant for any illegal activity or purposes.

We do not condone illegal activity and strongly encourage keeping transmissions to legal or valid educational or experimental uses allowed by law.

We are not responsible for what you do with the boards.


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